Blockchain and Smart Contracts- An introduction

Some technologies do wonders while some technologies are just a fad. In this era of modernization and globalization where people have all the latest developments in terms of technological up-gradation, some technologies are left unanswered or don’t create the value that it should create. Smartphones, when they were launched, first in 1992 by IBM by… Continue reading Blockchain and Smart Contracts- An introduction

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Automation and AI: The paradox (Part 1)

The terms 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Automation' are often used interchangeably. To start from the basic, there are a majority of people who feel that both the terms are one and the same. However, the reality is quite different. The TL;DR explanation goes something like this: Automation is software that follows pre-programmed 'rules'. Artificial intelligence is… Continue reading Automation and AI: The paradox (Part 1)


Badla Movie Review:Engrossing yet predictable thriller

Badla, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu has many Aha! moments. A slavish remake of the 2017 Spanish thriller Contratiempo (The Invisible Guest), Ghosh’s efficiently assembled film keeps tension at a boil through twist and counter-twist, but the finalé is easy to see coming, principally because we expect certain actors to have the last laugh.… Continue reading Badla Movie Review:Engrossing yet predictable thriller

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Made In Heaven review: Beautifully decoding all the glitters

Just three week's after delivering one of the finest movie of the year "Gully Boy", the duo- Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar are redefining and changing the game of content with their another apt content "Made In Heaven". This is so far one of the best Indian web-series which captures all the problems pertaining to… Continue reading Made In Heaven review: Beautifully decoding all the glitters


Marketing Insight of Netflix

In 1997 a company was formed which focused on making people living in parts of USA such as California, Texas and some other cities available to major DVD titles which they can order sitting at their home. No one had ever thought that “Netflix” will be change the course of the television and movies which… Continue reading Marketing Insight of Netflix


Netflix: Divided over Academy Awards

Netflix has not only disrupted the movie making and movie viewing but also has disrupted this year's Academy Awards by swiping three Oscars for Roma. It has brought lots of positive vibe for movie makers and also among young enthusiast who wants to take the first step in media industry via streaming giants like Netflix,… Continue reading Netflix: Divided over Academy Awards


Luka Chuppi Movie Review-Enjoyable in most parts

Luka Chuppi starring Kriti Sanon (Rashmi) and Kartik Aryan (Guddu) is an enjoyable affair. The movie starts with country questioning whether or not the live-in relationship is good for the society or is it providing a bad lessons for the youngsters of this country? As the movie gradually escalates the issue further there are many… Continue reading Luka Chuppi Movie Review-Enjoyable in most parts

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There are lots of techniques and methodologies which are developed overtime. Most of them often fade. But in those fade there are some techniques and methodology which are studied in a more detailed manner making it very much precise and worth applying for companies in large. Coming from a commerce background and studying MBA in… Continue reading Neuromarketing


Relationship- NOT so complicated word

"So what do you think about that?", my friend texted me. "Give time and be with her", I replied. We often hear that being in a relationship brings all the hurdles in life. But just a question to people who think that way, "You won't be again in any relationship? What is the definition of… Continue reading Relationship- NOT so complicated word