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Iron Fist Review


Iron Fist is the new addition to Netflix and fourth collaboration with Marvel’s after Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. This time the new street fighter superhero has dawn Kung Fu. Iron Fist (Daniel “Danny” Rand) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The comic that hit the stores in the mid-1970.

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The premise of Iron Fist is about a multi-billionaire guy name Danny Rand who returns to New York City after 15 years of his plane crash. He was saved by couple of monks after losing his parents, and he gets trained in martial arts to be the protector of another-dimensional city known as K’un Lun from the evil organization of “Hand”. Assuming him to be dead, no one recognize him. But he doesn’t only wants to reclaim the business but also has an authority towards his power as the Iron Fist. He discovers many secrets within the Rand Corporation and also with the evil organization “Hand”.

Half of the season is directed towards Danny (Finn Jones) proving to his family friends Joy and Ward played by Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey who runs Rand Corp, with twist and turn in the early episodes revealing that Harold Meachum (David Wenham) father of Joy and Ward is dead for the world, But he is alive and running Rand with the help of Ward and he is under the surveillance of “Hand”. The sub-plot which runs parallel with Meachum Family is boring and viewers are sort of taken off track from Danny as the Iron Fist. Coming back to Danny who owns 51% share of Rand Corporation is now a homeless person proving everyone about his identity. Danny gets the support of Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick who runs a Dojo. The chemistry between Danny and Colleen sometimes glues the viewers and sometimes goes out of the way leaving a question in everyone’s mind, “Was that necessary?” Going forward he understands that “Hand” is in New York City which is run by Madame Gao played by Wai Ching Ho and is actively involved with Rand Corp. As every Marvel’s superhero show has Rosario Dawson who always plays the role of Clarie Temple, she is in here helping Iron Fist understand everything and help him in almost entire season alongside Colleen.

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It takes half of the season to make us get proper story-line and make sense. After the sixth episode of the season, Danny and entire sub plots running in between him comes to the plate and viewers can then identify each character and their background in a true way. Action sequences are worth watching especially the fighting scene between Colleen and few fighters in the ring in the early episode of the season. Not to forget my most favorite action sequence, when Danny goes to China to witness Madame Gao sinister plan and ends up fighting with Zhou Cheng who is drunk. This fight sequence grabs your attention and is the highlight of the show. The drunk fighting scene leaves you laughing as well as makes every second count.

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Going forward Danny gets trapped with “Hand” organization and latter discovers Colleen is also working for Hand but not with Madame Gao but with someone else. It’s Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez), Bakutos character is not well defined until the last few episode which reveals some secrets of “Hand” with Danny. On one hand there are questions still unanswered and on the other hand there is Davos (Sacha Dhawan) who returns from K’un Lun for taking the Iron Fist back with him.

Viewers are left half-hearten by this season as there is little of the Iron Fist and more to do with Rand Corp. Viewers wanted to watch more of the Iron Fist and its enormous power and action scenes. The best episode of the entire season are the last two. Especially the twelfth episode ‘Bar the Big Boss’, this episode is a perfect mixture of high octane action and drama. The last episode “Dragon Plays with Fire” makes everyone settle with few answers that they were looking in the entire season.

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Iron Fist is not as bad as some critics are bashing it. I even tweeted about it after watching the entire season. And not to forget that it is now officially the most Binge watched season leaving Daredevil and even Stranger Things behind by big margin. How can one judge the entire season watching half and even in some case one single episode, it’s totally unfair from the makers point of view as well the viewers. Critics who have reviewed them is like reviewing the entire movie after watching it till the Interval, it doesn’t make any sense nor does it justifies the series.

The main issue from my point of view is not about Finn Jones playing Danny Rand as some viewers and critics wanted an Asian-American star to play the lead role. Finn Jones character is written not the way a superhero should have been written. His character is confused in itself and the funniest part is his convincing in the entire season to almost every character saying “I am Danny Rand and I am the Iron Fist, the chosen one”. Yes it makes us laugh instead of delivering as the action punch dialogue. The best character is Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick, she is the hero of the entire season whether it be action or emotional scenes, and she stands out in each and every scene. Her character is such beautifully written that at one point you doesn’t want Danny to perform his martial arts and show his golden Fist but you want Colleen to perform action scenes. Not to forget Tom Pelphrey, he has acted such marvelously in the entire season that at time you hate him and there are times when you actually feel bad for him because he is in a complete mess.

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I am giving Iron Fist Season One a C.

Do watch it as it is not that bad and neither that good, but it’s worth the time. I am hoping that the makers are able to justify the fans voice in the season 2 and most probably the question will be answered in the upcoming season of most awaited Marvel’s Defenders in the Mid-2017.


Thank-You for reading the review.

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