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Th1rteen R3asons Why- Review

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is based on the novel by Jay Asher which was published in 2007 and in 2011 its paperback edition hit Number 1 position on the New York Times best-seller.

The series is 13 episodes long which is co-produced by Selena Gomez. It revolves around a story of a high school student named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaving behind 13 recorded tapes describing the issues she faced which led her to take this decision.

These tapes are circulated as per Hannah’s list. The story begins with the tapes been received by Clay Jensen played by Dylan Minnette, who had a crush on Hannah but was not able to convey his feelings. He is left clueless as he doesn’t know much about the tapes and he breaks emotionally after hearing her voice. As the tapes starts telling the story as per Hannah’s mental stability, Clay is the eyes through which story unfolds right from the beginning till the climax.


Hannah’s life takes a tragic turn when her new friends at the high school Jessica (Alisha Boe) and Alex (Miles Heizer) leaves her into the middle of nowhere as they break the friendship and leaves Hannah alone. The first few tapes are based on Hannah’s relationship with characters surrounding him in a negative way. Justin (Brandon Flynn) who is Hannah’s first crush plays with her feeling and circulates some intimate photos of her leaving her devastated.


While everyone knows that the tapes are with Clay and he won’t be silent like the others. Students starts targeting Clay and makes the situation worse for him to overcome the emotional hurdle. People on tapes starts manipulating Clay and leaves him confused at the beginning. It involves a lot of relationship changing situations and always questions the characters involving on the tapes Hannah saying “WHY ME?”

With the voice over by Hannah “The story of my life and why it ended”, makes difficult for Clay who is confused at one part whereas on the other takes revenge in its own way as the tapes progresses. Clay is the only character which seems to be the most affected by Hannah’s death. The mystery unfolds further as Clay gets into the details with the story involving many of his school friends which bullied Hannah and made her the topic of discussion in each negative way possible.


The tape involving Zach (Ross Butler) is the turning point in the entire season as his tapes makes Clay more understandable about the situation that Hannah was into. As the tapes are heard by Clay his personality grows dark with anger and also makes him the most targeted character by all the people on the tapes. Each time Clay is in trouble Tony played by Christian Navarro saves him and warns him about the consequences for being with the wrong people. The relationship between Clay and Tony is well written and also very well executed. Viewers will be left confused as the story begins in the first few episodes but as the season passes it becomes very clear between the bonding among the both characters.


As the tapes are still on, parents of Hannah has filed a lawsuit against the school. Hannah’s parents doesn’t know about the tapes and are helped by Tony as the sole guider. School is concerned with the students which seems to be involved with the death of Hannah but at the same time the goodwill of the high school comes under the way. Andy Baker played by Brian James and Mrs. Baker played by Kate Walsh adds emotional moments in the show which makes you think about the place they are in.

As the tapes progresses Clay is been informed by all the fellow people who are on tapes to either quit listening to it or face the consequences. Clay at one time quits listening but as he is unsure and seeking justice for Hannah resumes listening to it. The 11th tape, Clay’s tape is one of the best episode in the entire series as it involves and describes Clay’s character from the eyes of Hannah. Tapes involving Bryce (Justin Prentice), Mr. Porter (Derek Luke), Marcus Cole (Steven Silver), Sheri Holland (Ajiona Alexus) and Courtney Crimsen (Michele Ang) depicts some dark moments in life of Hannah and the situation that she goes through.

The most important thing that makes this series most watchable are the characters, Langford and Dylan hits bulls eyes. They are such great actors that you hardly seems to be taking your eyes off them, not to forget about the surrounding characters. The casting director has done fabulous job by bringing such great actors who are mostly in their early 20’s. The maturity with which each one has played their respective roles is commendable.

You will be definitely be left confused and questioning yourself at the end of the series regarding certain issues. Coming at the last two episodes, topic of bully, depression and anxiety are forced into the end which will make viewers hard to understand and correlate. But you will definitely will be in love with its lead characters.


I am going with A-

This Netflix Original is getting criticism from all over for depicting graphic suicide and questioning some off the moments shown on the show. I think some of the scenes should have been made more cautiously but when I look into the characters point of view and the thing that the writer is trying show to us is somewhat justified. I think this is a must watch for all the parents to know the situations and characteristics which might be affecting today’s teenagers. The discussion should be made open to help children speak up and also make them understand on these issues. LET’S SPEAK UP…. 

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Thank-You for reading.

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