Be Thankful

I came across the following image on my Twitter profile. This image has so much deep meaning in it.


Whenever I hear from young couples who fight over petty issues and don’t talk with each other for days and many eventually break up their relationships, I feel sad. On the contrary I watch many people who have lost their loved ones or they are in long distance relationship, they cry over Skype calls and also sometimes are unable to explain the feelings that they go through whenever they are in public. We are forgetting the correct meaning of the word “Love”. Why don’t we be happy with whatever we have rather than fighting with them? In today’s modernized world we have every information available about personal life as well as social life, that is sometimes beneficial whereas sometimes the same information leads us to the path of doubts and eventually turns us in a negative person. The personality that wasn’t yours starts being adopted by you. The person we love with all over heart invested in them and finally sometimes we hurt them deeply. There is always a ray of hope and a house of peace that can be achieved if we let go that “Negative” feeling inside us. Why don’t we watch people who still loves their lost ones but without showing their sadness are always happy and are making us happy? Why don’t we look to the bigger and the brighter picture, some of us are lucky that we might be having someone with whom we can talk to? Your one smile can make a difference. Your few words of appreciation can make another person thankful that they are having a person like you in their life. Clear the differences before the time fades and you regretting about it. Time ones departed won’t come back.  

Let the people you love always be with you, clear all the differences and move forward.


ThankYou for reading.


Image Courtesy: Twitter.


10 thoughts on “Be Thankful”

  1. Hello there! What you wrote makes so much sense and I so agree with you and I just hope that it was that easy. I really do. It would definitely make for a better world don’t you think?

    But relationships can be tricky and a little bit more complicated. There are other things that come into play. Sometimes the guy (or girl) cheats, sometimes they fall out of love, sometimes they realize that they like different things in life and they’ve outgrown each other. Not everyone is made for “forever love”. One can only wish.

    I was once quite idealistic… but my relationship didn’t work out the way I imagined. He was my one true love and I was his. We still talk up to now and we never found anyone who could match … we wish, but it’s not like we still want to be together. We have our own families now. It’s just a good feeling to look back and say, I’ve had that before.

    Goodluck to you and I wish you the best.
    This is a good post.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow.
    More power to you!

    ❤ BP

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    1. Thanks for reading the blog…
      I do agree that some relationship(s) don’t workout the way we think. But, every relationship teaches us something. It is our maturity that we move on. And all thanks to you for sharing your personal views on the subject matter. I just hope there are people like you who can really understand relationship in the way you shared your thoughts.
      Namaste 🙂

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  2. Wonderful post. My boyfriend and I were long distance for a year before we were able to move in together. We’ve lived together for a year now, and have been in a relationship for almost five. We have definitely been struggling lately with not fighting and nit-picking everything the other one does. It is so important to focus on the reasons why you love someone as opposed to the problems that you can have with them .

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    1. True, the meaning of ‘Love’ is often been misinterpreted in this generation which leads to broken hearts and more importantly it breaks a person’s moral. Sometimes when we realize about the mistake, the time is gone.

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