Inventions and Discoveries in India

Inventions and Discoveries in India- ThankYou Readers

With the publish of Part 4 of Inventions and Discoveries in India, we come to the end of my first ever blog series. Taking this opportunity, I would like to “Thanks” every single reader. ThankYou to all the people from all around the world who have read the blogs from this blog series.


Because of you, I was able to write this blog series in a continue manner. Many thanks to the people who have supported me throughout my writing. I would also like to apologize because of late publish of my last post.

I came across many questions, one common question was, Why did you wrote on this subject ? Are you giving any exam on History?

Well the answer is to the first question is that, I was searching and taking recommendation from some of my friends on the subject on which I should write. One of the few people suggested me to write on this topic. While I was going through many articles as well as many blogs written on this topic, I found out that it was one of the rare written blogs so, I thought of continuing with this topic. And No, I am not giving any history examinations.

So, is it the end? Surely it isn’t………


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