documentary, Economics

Inside Job- Review




Written and Directed by: Charles Ferguson

Narrated by: Matt Damon


I had a conversation with one of my Accounting professor during my graduation in context to the Great Recession of 2008. I was keen in knowing as to how it occurred? What factors led us to such terrifying road of recession? And as a commerce graduate, I was not able to control my anxiety from seeking these answers. My professor just gave me a one line answer, “Watch the documentary Inside Job”. I never got chance to watch that. But finally yesterday while browsing Amazon Prime Video library, I came across this documentary.

This documentary is divided into 4 sub-parts. Part 1: How we got here, Part 2: The Bubble, Part 3: The Crisis, Part 4: Accountability and the finale, Part 5: Where we are now?

It was depressing to watch this movie from the start as it explores the unknown world of banking and deals which led to one of the most devastating world economic crisis. There are live court room recordings, documents, real people interviewed and the world top most leaders explaining the situation and the root-cause behind it. It explores the dark side of some key economic policy which proved to be a fiasco and real life risks and corruption involved. After completing almost 30 minutes of this documentary, I was shocked. Questioning myself, “This would have been easily stopped”, but the road is far beyond my understanding. Many people didn’t gave the interview for this film. One of the best line from this movie is, “There are always poor people who pay the price”. This movie made me more aware of than situation and how it occurred. There are deals with regards to capital markets, derivatives, CDO’s and real estates. And also there are economist which explains us the Great Recession from the context of mistakes done during the Great Depression.


This documentary explains step-by-step reasons for the bizarre fallout of the market, causing millions of people their jobs. And even the nation who were away from this got affected badly and it took years to hold back a strong position, is greatly explained. After watching Part 4: Accountability, I thought the film might end, but the finale part showing interviews of some workers and localities was enough to convey the pain during that “Great Recession” period. The truth is always hard to believe, this movie is the perfect example of it.

Narration of this movie was perfect by Matt Damon. I would like to appreciate the people that did their research for the subject matter involved with this documentary. Without the facts and data made available to viewers, it would have been a hard task for the viewers to define the situation. Screenplay was amazing, especially the live person interview sessions.

I would recommend everyone to watch this documentary even though you might not understand some jargons used.


ThankYou for reading.


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