Bumblebee Magazine

What can be more exciting news rather than to be a part of a magazine with all the fellow bloggers. Not only its a learning experience where you get to learn from all the bloggers but also coping up with the expectations towards your readers makes it a experience to be a part of.

Our magazine is called Bumblebee. And I feel more thankful towards my readers, its you as a reader who can share the work with us and be a integral part of our magazine. No wonder if you make a spelling error or a grammatical error, you can submit your work. Even if you are a non-blogger, you can submit it to us and be a contributor in our magazine.

Now introducing to the person who came up with this brilliant idea of the magazine. She terms herself as “The girl on the go” and you can read her work at Believe me it feels highly privileged to discuss the work with all our fellow bloggers. Many of them might be known by you.











Now introducing you all to our mascot/logo of our magazine.


There are some rules for the publication…..

Your ideas needs to be New and Never Published.

You can invite your friends to be a part of this magazine as well.

The deadline to submit your work is till 30th June.

Abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated.

And last but not the least, all the works submitted are subject to final decision taken by our reviewing committee.

You can submit your work on either of the below mentioned E-Mail address, (Queen Bee) (Cheila)

So what are you waiting for? Submit fast, I hope to see all your works in our magazine. Good Luck and have a great time writing for magazine.

Ending this news with a small presentation video.



ThankYou for reading.



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