“Wonder Woman” Movie Review: DC at its best.

Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins is worth witnessing on the big screen. Since this movie was announced, DC had a lot of things riding on them, whether DC will deliver this movie at its best or will it be a continued dull affair? Questions on Women empowerment and even people who just want to watch superheroes flick were excited. Every single question has been answered in this movie quite beautifully.


Diana Prince played by Gal Gadot takes the viewers to the flashback on their island inhabited by the Amazon. On a ‘spy’ mission, Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine accidentally travel to the island in a plane crash. Unknown about the human beings living beyond the island, Diana discovers many unusual things that Steve says to them. Set in the era of World War, Diana feels that Zeus’s son Ares, the God of War is responsible behind it. And a possible new chemical attack on the people. They soon escapes the island in order to defeat Ares and bring humanity in place. There are moments of laughter when Steve and Diana talks about humans and its characteristics. The scene where Diana tries English clothes for the first time is hilarious, also when she roams on the streets with sword and shield in her hand has some funny moments.

The first half of this movie is dedicated to character building of Diana and Steve, moreover Diana the way she looks the world is how different from their island world or the world she has only read in the books or told by her mother. There are cool action sequences (different from the recent superhero flicks) in slow-motion which keeps audience at the edge of their seats.


Moving forward, they discover that Ares might be hiding behind the German troops. They form a team which helps Diana and Steve carry on their mission. There are some intense battle scenes and also there are some humor portion which keep the movie pace going. This ultimately leads us to the final showdown.


Jenkins had all the thing that requires to make this movie work. Gal Gadot is a true warrior to watch, her character is kept on a question mark mode since the beginning. Whether it be training session with Antiope played by Robin Wright or in the finale, she is in transition mode throughout the movie juggling between herself and the human emotions.


I am going with A

There are very minutus details that can be seen in this movie. Questioning about the human principles, dealing with human emotions or ‘Good’ over ‘Bad’ is explained very graciously in this movie. Cinematography and Screenplay are its best. Supporting cast is just icing on the cake. The leads are just perfect, I am personally looking forward to the next venture of Wonder Woman.


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16 thoughts on ““Wonder Woman” Movie Review: DC at its best.”

  1. Thanks. I’ll go see this right away. I was on the fence and sorta kinda lean towards Marvel, but I’ll go enjoy this movie now that you’ve approved it. Thanks for the screening!

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