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“BAYWATCH” Movie Review- Dwayne and Zac saves the movie.

Baywatch or should I say Baywatch Movie, in order to avoid confusion between people. Baywatch stars Zac Efron (Matt Brody) and Dwayne Johnson (Mitch) in the lead. From the start to finish this movie has nothing to offered except some good one liners and enjoyable moments between the bromance between Zac and Dwayne.


Just looking from the trailer itself it looked like this might be not good to digest, but yet people will have an excitement keeping the original show and Dwayne Johnson in mind. What worked for this movie was the R rating, which mainly includes some penis jokes, sex jokes, race-based humour, stereotypes, objectification and plain nonsense, but somehow, it is still an undeniably good time. Directed by Seth Gordon, this movie is only enjoyable in parts and lack of tone haunts the pace of the movie. Supporting cast has done their work pretty much okay.

The movie starts from Mitch bursting out of the sea with a “Baywatch” title floating above him, yes it is funny but not the way it should have been as there are some dolphins flying around him. While everything is going stable Matt enters the premise, his past is a bit funny. Matt is an arrogant, disgraced Olympic swimmer that is forced to add to the team lead by Mitch. In an interesting update on the television show which was famous for its gratuitous shots of busty female lifeguards running in slow-motion, the makers of the film indulge in a more equal opportunity approach. Baywatch has the venomous Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) who seduces the politicians, cops and bureaucrats for taking the eyes off to everyone so that she can carry the drugs business with ease. But wait the diva needs to gobble up and privatise the entire beach, sometimes this plot is utter confusing, but with the strong role of sweet yet evil villain character Victoria shines but lack of screen space makes it questioning the script.

Overall this movie is watchable but only when there are scenes of Matt and Mitch teasing each other and proving respectively that one is best among the other.


I am going with C



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