Congrats for that FAILURE

‘Why did you failed?’ asked a friend of mine.

‘Because success might not have taught what that failure taught me’, I replied.

“Failure”, this word has many definitions and it is seen by people by way of their thinking. Whenever you say to anyone that you have failed, some might take it in a negative way and might even misguide you by saying things like it’s the end of the road ahead but it was just a situation in which you failed and not the entire life. When I had failed or should I precisely say that because of some situation I had to leave, I was depressed it looked like a gloomy world without any light but I saw a child who was learning to walk for the very first time in a park. That child gave me the important lesson that I didn’t received or often was misguided on, it was about failing. Every time he would stumble, he would fall, he cried and conveyed by his gesture as if he doesn’t want to walk but the mother just gave a smile and would make him walk again. What did I learned was that failing isn’t the end of the world, it is just the experience of learning. If you won’t fail in something that you do, you would not realize the importance of that thing.


Some people might be failing in job and might be absconding them because of the depression and might be realizing of going in the dark world of their own thinking that its end of there careers, some might be failing in an entrance test and might think that its the end of their educational path, whereas if I take the example of a movie, out of thousands of movie that are released worldwide only some of them are capable in earning profit while majority might just crash. In every case mentioned there are failures that might be restricted to oneself but can be a lesson of life. Failures has its own taste of success. Not every single individual gets success in the first attempt. Without failures in life, the true meaning of life is not learned.

We can learn many things from our failures. Some of my failures taught me value of time, money, family, traditions etc. Behind every success story there are series of failures that no-one knows. Thinking beyond failure, it is not just the success but also what led us to fail so that next time we don’t commit the same mistake in life. So congratulations on your failure it is just another chapter to a great success ahead. Make that failure a sweet taste of your success.



ThankYou for reading.

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49 thoughts on “Congrats for that FAILURE”

  1. Superb anish
    Now days as competition increase in the market in all the areas education, corporate, business etc….With this true inspiration wording about FAILURE is a part of SUCCESS
    help to find a new journey In LIFE….KEEP IT UP…… GREAT WORK…

    Liked by 1 person

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