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“Nepotism, Is it good?”

“I don’t know“

“Is it bad? I don’t know either”

“But how can you comment on nepotism when you don’t know about it?”

“Well just wanted to share my views”

Before the conversation that I had with my friend…..

We are actually living in a society that cares for each other (well just assume). But do we really care? Well partly some people don’t. From the past few weeks and almost a month to be precise, I have seen Nepotism rooting its space even in social welfare activities. Now that’s where I can’t restrict myself from speaking. Social welfare is the place where I think should nepotism shouldn’t arise. No matter how close your peers are, social well-being isn’t the place where it should really be. I am not in favor of Nepotism or against it, to be honest I will blog on it in the upcoming blogs.

Social welfare stamp

This all started when there took place an incident which shocked me from inside and I felt bad not for them who weren’t selected but for the people who are at the receiving end, the people in need. Nepotism or I should probably say a favor that people often does for their friends, family members, relatives etc., should well be completely dethroned when it comes to any work related to society. If the people think that they will be able to justify themselves with the position that they receive in social NGO’s, Government trusts or even the social clubs, they should well be proven. Social welfare comes from hearts and not from any sort of manipulation. The people who are desperate to help society or even are willing to contribute shouldn’t be depressed or heartbroken from such injustice, they should keep in mind that if you really want to contribute to the society do it from your heart and soul, you don’t have to be in any division which tags you. I often tell the people close to me, “If you really want to donate something or make a positive change in the society, you shouldn’t publicize yourself, just go and come back.” Helping the weaker doesn’t needs to be a marketing gimmick for yourselves, it is the inner happiness that you receive after watching the people who you helped smiling. Real fruit of happiness is that smile and blessings that they give, at that time you are publicize or marketed by your inner soul.



Have a great time helping people.


Thank You for Reading.

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