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Digitally Safe

So this era is termed as the era of digitization. From our credit card statements to latest cryptocurrency, everything is available online in some or the other form of data. Every year companies spend millions and billions of dollars in order to safeguard their user’s database and also their own database from hackers. Each passing day there are millions of people from many corners of the world who are either looted online or are the victims of identity theft.


What have you liked or disliked? What kind of soul mate you are looking? What is your dream job? How much salary is credited in the month end? How much bitcoins or shares you currently own? Etc., each and every information is stored in some nor the other form on the web. Some of our data might be breached and we wouldn’t even know about it because we tend to not look at some sites again and that’s were some hackers try to target the data.


With recent leaks in music industry to some bank data being available, from some famous applications getting hacked to some user database being sold online, everything seems to be turning the table round and the situation is alarming. With each passing day there are inventions and innovations that are tend to make people’s life convenient. With new digital currency which is tend to take control over the traditional currency, with your cinematic experience which is continuously changing when you watch the on- demand videos, you are giving some of the important information over the web.


With everything moving on the cloud which is somewhere more reliable as a service in order to safeguard the data, we are somewhere more reliable on this service. But we don’t know whether there will be the same safety and efficiency in the future to come. With Artificial Intelligence and Automation taking a large place in the corporate level is increasing, the work of data scientists is on the rise. There are even some chief cyber security officer been deployed by large organizations in order to look into any of the suspicious movement along the service users.


So the question arises whether we should discontinue living in the digital world? The answer is a big “NO”. Instead of thinking in the other direction why not we take some precautions from our own side in order to safeguard our privacy and information which we don’t want to shell out. As per some research  which took place recently, the most common password which was used by people was “123456”, and there are people who don’t follow the two-step verification while signing n some of the important websites and also while making payment. It is we the users who have to take some important measures in order to safeguard own identity and then blame the authorities. Inform to the authorities about any suspicious movement of data or transactions at the earliest. And let’s be safe in this digital world and enjoy this modernized era.


Thank-You for Reading.


Images Courtesy: Google Images.

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