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The way we “LEAVE” life

‘Life’ this word itself seems to be very soulful and melodious. Everyone somewhere down their life would have said, “This was the best day of my life”. But there are always many aspects in life which restricts each individual from living the life to the fullest.


Let me take a simple example; I am having a friend who some months ago had a breakup from a relationship of 4 years, that friend of mine was depressed to the core of his heart. He didn’t knew what was happening around him, he was not the person that he used to be. Giving a warm shoulder and advice, I suggested him to go to a psychiatrist. I never asked him about the reason behind his break-up. The reason for me not asking about his personal life was not making him more depress on the issue that was continuously hampering him, I didn’t wanted him to go to that dilemma once again. Always remember, “If you can’t cure anyone don’t make the situation so worse that he gives up his motive for living”. Currently he is recovering from the situation that made him little unstable and loose the track of his life. The other example is of a person that I know who is on the verge of bankruptcy yet is not showcasing the world how much trouble he is going through currently in his life. This individual is giving every reason to each one of us to have that positive courage of living the life as he is not making the situation much worse for himself as well as for the people around him. In both the above cases people are trying hard to ‘live’ the life rather than showing a back door to their own life or else I like to call ‘LEAVE’ their life. By not leaving their life they themselves are giving their life a second chance to bounce back and fight from the situation. Fortunately, both of them are closer to me which is making me aware of their current mental status. I just wonder, Why can’t each and every individual be like them in their life ?



I always believe that when you decide to withdraw your happiness with your loved ones or the way you slowly decide to exit from the life full of happiness and liveliness, your life hampers you so bad that at one point of time you yourself ask this question during your last breathe, “Why didn’t I enjoyed the time that I spent with my well wishers and loved ones?”, at that vary moment of your life you realize the treasure you missed in your life.


Life has a heartbeat and if that heartbeat is stable, you haven’t ‘LIVED’ your life instead you have leaved your life. Don’t let your relationship hurdles and break-ups, your tussle with office employees,  your property disputes etc., to hamper and take away that precise meaning of your life which would have made you a much better human being.

Ratan Tata


Life has a lot of situation and instances which are in dark and has a tint vision which make you loose the direction in your life. Don’t let that negate you and don’t let that make you the person who always sits in the corner of the room who can neither laugh nor cry. Be happy with people around you, just be you. Just believe in Karma and do the deeds which will satisfy your inner-soul rather than making people aware of the positive personality that you carry because people don’t care about you and you are ought to be judged by this society. Society will always tend to snatch you from the life that has happiness involve because it is ought to stay the way it has been since ages. Always remember there are golden humans who will be a continuous support  system for you in terms of either as a mentor, your best friend, your parents or even in some cases as staying anonymous. They will guide you to the right track and make your emotions trigger once again. Just believe in the beautiful gift given by the almighty called “LIFE”.





I want to Thank both my close friends who agreed to let me post their real life instances on my blog. Always feel blessed to be surrounded with such people. 




Thank You for reading the Blog.

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