This is how my birthday was

‘Fear’ was the word that was behind my back crawling and hunting since past couple of hours. People meeting me at the cafeteria, corridor as well as calling and confirming whether my birthday fell on the next day. As per the tradition which is perfect for the Uniworld the people around me where just informing me about their sinister plans such as applying hot lemonade on my head, beating me over the time, applying all kind of stuffs that they could purchase in order to make my birthday memorable according to them.  I was in a constant fear as in what is going to be my birthday as the fortune was written in hidden messages been circulated via WhatsApp and calls been made. Fingers were crossed and with each second passing, my heartbeat was beating at a faster pace.


“Surprise, get in and shut the door”, said Nisarg who is apparently my senior friend at Welingkars.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-16 at 12.09.49 AM

He was carrying cake and even before I could understand myself as in what was happening, he took my phone and video called my parents. “Surprise” my family members in one voice. Eventually they had ordered the online cake for me and they were also having a cake at our house. With few of my friends in my room and my family members connected via the digital communication, the first two cakes were cut and officially my birthday was started. After half an hour of emotional and memorable moments from that day, I was then carried towards the terrace of my hostel where my face and back was going to be slaughtered. Few close friends of mine arranged the cake and brought some stuff which would be thrown at me. Thankfully, because of college football fest, people participating were busy with their practice at turf. All my batch mates which were present at the terrace and then they started to welcome my 23rd birthday. After sometime I was barely recognizable as there was Rose Milk and some other stuff which I could barely see from my eyes as my whole face was filled in with cake. There were some of my classmates beating me from behind and this went on till half an hour.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-16 at 10.12.43 PM.jpeg

Coming to my surprise, one of my close friend staying in Texas, America also cut the cake and did a video call. Soon after few of my friends at Sydney, Australia too celebrated my birthday. I was emotional at that very moment as I never thought of so much of surprises been thrown at me.

Although I didn’t celebrated my birthday with the planned dinner as the next day some Australian delegates were slated to visit our campus, the party is shifted to this weekend.

I would like to thank my parents, my friends especially Vinit, Isha, Aditi and Nisarg who made my birthday one of my best birthday.


ThankYou for reading. 

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