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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers Free Review

Finally,the much anticipated series was premiered on Netflix in the last week of October. Duffer Brothers Sci-fi saga which saw its first season receiving over the top ratings and reviews last year, continues to dominate the mind of the viewers again this time around. This time the parallel world or the creators world is just brilliant and continues to build a strong season.

The mystery about Eleven and the behavior of Will getting lost in and around the entity is defined well by the Duffer Brothers. Joyce having concern about Will and her equation with Hopper are some scenes where the brilliance of direction and story writing is noticed.



Season 2 is much more open, much more genuine, much more beautifully synced with CGI and the background score, it is the best so far. Season 2 has 9 chapters in total. All the 9 chapters are made well in line and in-sync with each other. The problem with this season is its slow pace issue, the season starts initially at a very low pace. As the viewers moves on and starts watching some of the episodes, they are all invested. The reason while the initial episodes are kept low in voice with the story building is because of its tone which is set when you are half way through.



The cast and crew have all appreciated there values because they have saved the day for the viewers with more genuine acting and some great dramatic skills. The reason why as a viewer I am particularly glued on this creation by Duffer Brothers is because the characters are the main ingredients in this series. People who wanted to have a great time around watching a show which can be viewed with their children sitting next to them , youngsters who wanted to watch a show which has some cool Sci-Fi stuff and action scenes which seems to be a great potential with the story-line are the one which make this shows come out with better and better seasons. First four chapters are the build up for the latter chapters, new characters are introduced which I guess are just merely characters so far to keep the pace going but unfortunately in many ways they are the one which are somewhere down the line making the straight line go hay-way. Max played by Sadie Sink who wants to be the member of the cool gang but the equation with some members backfires her plan and the drama involving some humorous one liners and equation adjustments scenes seems to be a big no for the viewers. There are few other new characters involved in some episodes making the episodes just okay with its existing story line. Billy played by Dacre Montgomery, Dr. Owens played by Paul Reiser and Murray Bauman played by Brett Gelman all justifies there roles and gives the viewers some insights with the existing characters.


The reason why this season works out so well is because viewers knows the background of its lead characters, they have been well defined by the Duffer Brothers in its maiden season. Viewers knows who Eleven is, they knows the characteristics of all the four boys. Somewhere I was not titillated by the ’80s setup but the real goodwill and real value of the characters made me invested throughout this season particularly.Whether there are scenes where Steve and Dustin are talking of some things which defines that the boys are now mature enough to talk on certain issues which are real moments and people are surely cent percent invested to such scenes. The makers have shown that the characters particularly the boys are in that age where puberty in a well defined and some great scenes including the one mentioned above.


Max which acts as a interest buster and diversion creator between Mike and Eleven could have been written in a more humorous way and also in a well defined way, no issues in the way it is written but it could be more thorough. The biggest and worst failed moment was Chapter 7- The Lost Sister, the episode defining the pre and post eleven is something which will act as a Pilot episode for the show which is already in over the top mind of people and it somewhere makes the tune go completely downhill. Again as the first season, the last two chapters are the perfect finale episodes. In these episodes, viewers are completely lost in the parallel world created by the makers. The way these episodes are written an directed, people are going to be at the edge of their seats.


The makers have surely gone through some suggestion and have worked on the liability which they somehow garnered from their first season, CGI is way better than the first season, Character building is at its best except some new ones and the background score is actually redefined.



I am going with A 



Thank-You for Reading.


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