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Bose: Dead / Alive Series Review

Based on Anuj Dhar’s book, India’s Biggest Cover-up, Bose: Dead / Alive hits the right tone.

Ekta Kapoor and Hansal Mehta’s new venture based on one of the biggest mystery of the world regarding the plane crash of freedom fighter Netaji Subas Chandra Bose is perfectly executed. Adding on the perfect icing on the cake, Pulkit the director of the series has made a perfect dilemma in the eyes of the viewers.

Divided in 9 parts with average duration of 25 minutes, Bose takes us back to the era of mystery and history. The team that needs to be positively appreciated is the set designing and production team. After much long there is a systematic approach that is used by a team to make a perfect and gorgeous looking web series. Rajkumar Rao, the man who plays the primary role in the series has been well thought of and chosen. There are many instances where the actor actually makes you feel that you are actually watching the man himself. Narrator of the show given by Naveen Kasturia (Darbari Lal) is the man who stands apart from the supporting cast. Episodes are run out through the eyes of Darbari Lal.


This series is perfect blend of humor and also titillates the adrenaline rush inside the viewers whenever the leads talks about the independence struggle. History is beautifully laid on the plate with some cruel politician, mysterious people who works for the Netaji and also takes you back to the era of independence struggle when there were clash of interest from the point of view of various Indian politicians and freedom fighters. I am avid reader of history yet there were some chapters (which are based on the writers perspective) that I didn’t even heard it before.


Talking about the episodes of the web series, first four episodes are just beautifully synchronized where there is to and fro of the events which had occurred. Allen played by Edward Sonnenblick gives you a true look of British authorities which had gone through some serious times during that phase of Indian chapter of Independence. The only issue that I have as a viewer are couple of episodes in the end, especially the last episode. The End Game episode which is also the season finale could have been a big as compared to the content that the writers where having on their hand. However, there is a meeting which takes place between Rajkumar and someone who is great controversial figure from the history could have been shot in a much intense way.


Overall, viewers are surely going to give a thumbs up to this series. I am going with B+

Looking at how the Indian streaming sites are coming up with some fantastic original web series, I am hoping that the original content with such shows will change the way the Indian viewers watch the web content.


Thank-You for reading.

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