Padmaavat Movie Review

First of all, I would like to start with an address to all the people who are protesting against this movie by conveying to them, there isn’t a single element in the movie which hurts the goodwill of any section of the society.

Coming to the review about this magnum opus by Bajirao Mastani director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it is a sober big budget movie.




Movie starts with Ranveer Singh aka Sultan Alauddin Khilji showing his villainous behavior in order to marry Mehrunissa played by Aditi Rao Hydari. Right from the first frame Singh leaves a mark even though his character is negative and sometimes you even start hating the character itself. On the other side of the world Padmavati played by Deepika Padukone falls in love with Rajput King Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor) and both of them get married. Deepika Padukone looks like a perfect queen also Shahid Kapoor shows the real heroism and aura in his character. And no word to express the hard work that has been given by Ranveer Singh to make the character of Khilji a perfect sinister one. Chemistry between Deepika and Shahid is just perfect. The casting of the movie, whether it be lead stars or the supporting stars, all of them have perfectly justified in their respective role.


Mr. Bhansali leaves his mark by showing true “aan baan shaan” of Rajput legacy. The most beautiful thing about this movie is perfection in each frame that is being showcased by the director. Whether it be a scene where Khilji meets Raja Ratan Singh for the first time or the scene where Khilji energies his troops emotionally. This movie in the first half is fully credible to the dialogues which are truly amazing and has some golden punch lines in between an intense scenes. The Devdas fame director has kept the background of the movie very much simpler in order to make your attention stabilize to the characters. Music is just hitting the right tone of the movie and keeps the pace of the movie going. The tempo is affected only by the run time and some over exaggerated scenes. The movie could have been easily 2 hour long instead of 2 hours 44 minutes. Choreography of the song “Khalibali” is just awesome and is filled in with all the required elements of loud and sinister expressions given by Mr. Singh.


Watching this movie as an cinema lover, one can actually answer the question as in How much is Indian film industry is changing in terms of VFX and CGI department? The CGI and VFX used in this movie are just blended perfectly with the grandeur that was demanded. Sets and Make-up artists needs to be applauded in the right matter as it has made a significant amount of variation in the lead characters of the movie.


The climax of the movie is emotionally driven showing most talked about Jauhar being performed. I was actually not able to see some of the emotions shown in that particular frame showing a pregnant women accompanied by a girl child. I am not going into the details as that element of the movie actually forced me to roll my eyes from the scene. Overall, Padmaavat is worth watching for the performance given by its lead stars especially dominated by Ranveer Singh in almost every scene.


I am going with C+


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