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Marketing at its best

A good marketing ensures that your product can communicate to the audience in a right manner. In today’s modernized business world, companies marketing strategy is decided on its design thinking. There are many big multinational companies who have fall flat because of their continuous ineffective marketing strategy and there are small companies or the startups which have rocked the market because of their unique and design marketing strategies.


Imagine yourself skipping your breakfast as you have a deadline for your assignment and you are on your way to the university and you are hungry, what would you do? The most common answer is that you will grab a packet of chips and a bottle of coke. Now whatever you select has a psychological factor involved with each one of it, most often Over-the-top company or product that have grab your attention will be the one you end up selecting. Every time when a consumer selects a product, some or the other psychology factor is involved. Most of the times good marketing strategy play a vital role in it. The company which actually rocked the market with its successful marketing strategy was Coca-Cola.


There is no doubt that Coca-Cola knows how well to connect with its audience and there isn’t any best way to connect to your existing as well as potential customers other than experimenting marketing campaigns. Cola-Cola’s “Move to the Beat” is one of the example which completely nailed the marketing strategy and scenarios all around the world. Coca-Cola is renowned for its Global marketing techniques.

Move to the Beat was devised in order to promote Coca-Cola’s position as one of the sponsor of the Olympics 2012. In the early 2010 Coca-Cola was losing some part of its market share to its rivals. Marketing team of Coca-Cola decided to switch itself from there than existing traditional style campaigns to go for something more Delphic. They strategized the product in such a manner that it outshined the advertisements that were running during the main events and even during the peak hours of the Olympics. Right before the commencement of the Olympics, Coca-Cola was in news for its hefty amount spent not only on the sponsorship but also on the new variety of products that they were launching in a short span of time.

They devised a strategy around the ‘liquid’ aspect of the drink, working on the idea that anything they came up with should be able to flow through any medium. The result of this was a song that represented the beat that we all move to. Based on the algorithms and data technique used by producer Mick Ronson, created a formula for the ‘beat’ of our lives. As social media was gaining ground during that time, all the viral and digital marketing campaigns all over the web made them simplify their reach. The results were astonishing as the sales went up. The video of the song went viral at rapidly increasing views day-by-day, Coca Cola prove that having a good product with a great marketing strategy can lead you much ahead.

After the success of “Move to the Beat” campaign, Coca-Cola came up with many other ad campaigns such as “Unleash your inner Bond” involving James Bond as the talking character that depicted the saying that we all have James Bond inside us just waiting to get out. They even came up with one of the best social marketing campaign in which they made a fake vending Coca-Cola machine at Liverpool Street Station in London, wherein they greeted the customer with letters saying that “You have 70 seconds to get to another platform- and win a prize”. This campaign went viral and Coca-Cola came with many such similar campaigns at other universities, institutions and corporate house.



Image Source: Google Images.

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