In 1995, Ashwath Raina (John Abraham) an IAS officer, suggests that India should conduct nuclear tests in order to maintain its security standards because of constant rising rift between its neighboring countries. After the corruption hits the nuke test, Ashwath was held responsible for the failure which he wasn’t even a part of. Destiny had some other plans and after 3 years of unsuccessful nuclear test, Raina gets another chance to prove his worth under new Indian Prime Minister, PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.



As the title itself suggest, this movie is a blend of some real as well as some reel life situations. The story goes very well with the support from the leads but lacks somewhere because of the pace of the movie. Only tight screenplay keeps you at the edge of your seats till the very end. Although the audience always knows what the climax will be, they are kept under a strict scrutiny by reality which was involved during that time. This is India’s first movie which shows what a real nuclear test and also gives a hands on various elements of real life spying and how a secret missions are carried by the security forces.


Music of the movie helps in keeping the pace going, “Shubh Din” hits a right tone because of the light music with a mix of Rajasthani folk music and also because of its lyrics. Cinematography is excellent, Stunts are pretty much okay, the reason why it lacks in this department is because of one of the scene in which Raina has a fight with a Pakistani spy and Raina is not able to sustain in that.  It is not an authentic recreation of history, but ‘Parmanu’ is a fairly entertaining look at a story that evokes the right sense of patriotism and national pride without being jingoistic.


First half of the move takes a way too much time to get it settle and also leads to boredom in many scenes.Second half wins over the heart because of many scenes involving patriotism and some heroic moments towards the end. Overall, Parmanu is surely a watchable movie because of simple yet sometimes over-exaggerated story-line. Lead actors and supporting cast justifies the work they have done.


I am going with B


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