Gold Movie Review- This movie shines



Directed by Reema Kagti, Gold has the shine of Gold in bits and pieces.

Not to forget that Bollywood is often known to add lots of flavors of fiction when any movie is made under “true events” tag. Gold is no more exception under this list. Starring Akshay Kumar, this movie has the required taste of mere perfection but the main ingredient which is nothing else then a true patriotic feel which is blended perfectly.

The film begins in 1936, when India made big impact in world hockey and won its third consecutive gold at the Berlin Olympics. This team was called British India team and was managed by the British Raj. Akshay Kumar aka Tapan Das has only one dream to see free India win its first ever Gold medal without the name of British being attached. The first half of the movie is a build up for a patriotic second half. The first half of the movie shows Pre-Independent India as well as Post-Independent India in a perfect way. The set up and CGI is just perfect which gives audience a opportunity to revisit places like Mumbai (than Bombay), Karachi and Punjab.



We have a team lead by Kunal Kapoor aka Samrat winning the match against the Nazis. And after some years there are youngsters who see Samrat as there idol role model. Now there are youngsters such as Amit Sadh aka Raghubir Pratap Singh who wants to make a mark in Indian hockey world. Bengali talks between Tapan and his wife Mouni Roy aka Monobina Das gives a required humor in the movie and keeps the pace of the movie going. To make a movie like Gold a success and to generate goosebumps in audience the director requires a strong cast as well as a good background music, this movie has it.


Man on a mission which is helped by Samrat has to pace the dark side of that time, the Partition. Self confidence and also the dream that keeps Tapan going helps him to make a strong team for the upcoming 1948 London Olympics. Indian hockey which is always known for the tactics and also the national game of the country is covered very much in this movie. Internal politics, lack of support, lack of financial aid, racism etc, has been covered quite beautifully by Reema Kagti. Music of the movie is not a great one but it keeps the pace going and doesn’t bore the audience.

I am going with A- .


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