Relationship- NOT so complicated word

“So what do you think about that?”, my friend texted me.

“Give time and be with her”, I replied.

We often hear that being in a relationship brings all the hurdles in life. But just a question to people who think that way, “You won’t be again in any relationship? What is the definition of LIFE?” Everything that people say are either myths or they have OVERHEARD someone saying that or my favorite, we had a BAD EXPERIENCE. What is the effect of them in your relationships? Basically you tend to bring complications in your existing relationship, complications which might not even exist.

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There are billions of people in this world, all have different mindset, different perception, different characteristics, different experiences etc…. the list is endless. So what does a perfect relationship mean? According to me, there isn’t any relationship which is PERFECT, just like a bad instance it might have a bad chapter, but that doesn’t always tend towards something negative in a RELATIONSHIP.

Relationship always starts straight from the heart and it ends there. We as a human being have a tendency of crying on what is not there instead of what we have in our hand. We often tend to have a bad relationship because of our past, lack of communication, lack of commitment etc….

Relationships always works when partners are able to handle each other in their happiest times as well as in a downfall of either partners. This denotes the maturity in a relationship. Secondly, you don’t have to not only support your partner but also TRUST them, NO MATTER WHAT. Trust issues have been on a rise, this often leads to break-ups. Luckily, technology has brought some negative pills along with that. This has taken over the relationships by toll. AVOID IT. Communicate whenever you feel so because that one call will make a ever lasting effect.

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Let there be LOVE and not HATE, let there be TRUST and not DISTRUST, lets live a SIMPLE LIFE and not a COMPLICATED one.

A Relationship is like a LIGHT, let it SHINE and don’t let it FADE AWAY.



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