Luka Chuppi Movie Review-Enjoyable in most parts

Luka Chuppi starring Kriti Sanon (Rashmi) and Kartik Aryan (Guddu) is an enjoyable affair. The movie starts with country questioning whether or not the live-in relationship is good for the society or is it providing a bad lessons for the youngsters of this country? As the movie gradually escalates the issue further there are many moments which makes audience laugh with sweet chemistry and some cliche moment between the leads.


The story line is a typical Bollywood masala entertainer one. Guddu and Rashmi fall in love with each other and Guddu wants to marry Rashmi but she wants to stay in a live-in relationship with him in order to understand him in a better way. On the other hand Rashmi’s father played by Vinay Pathak who is a politician by profession leads the protest of anti live-in moment. When families come to know about their relationship, there is one confusion that they have been married and staying away. The second half is all about settling both the families but loses out on main plot of live-in relationship by the time movie heads to climax.


Movie has many moments which will connect not only with the millennial’s but also with the families. The writing is saved by some great performance by the leads and also by the supporting cast and crew. The run-time of the movie is just perfect and songs goes along with the movies story-line. Talking about the dialogues, they are both quirky as well as humorous.

I am going with B+


Thank-You for reading. 

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