Netflix: Divided over Academy Awards

Netflix has not only disrupted the movie making and movie viewing but also has disrupted this year’s Academy Awards by swiping three Oscars for Roma. It has brought lots of positive vibe for movie makers and also among young enthusiast who wants to take the first step in media industry via streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Studios, Hulu etc. The media stands divided when a question was raised by renowned director Steven Spielberg on whether or not streaming giants movie studios such as Netflix should be allowed a nomination for the Academy Awards?


This has divided not only the Hollywood but also has an impact on movie makers and movie viewers around the globe. There are some supporter’s who have made statements which says that it limits the viewing experience only on house or on mobile screens. “Once you commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie,” Mr. Spielberg said to British TV network ITV News. “I don’t believe films that are just given token qualifications in a couple of theaters for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination”

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Whereas there were few audiences as well as some movie makers who have shared their own views by going against the thoughts of apt filmmaker. According to many it shouldn’t matter until and unless the movie is getting rave reviews and is liked by the audience and also by the jury of such award functions.

According to me, a movie is a movie no matter whether it has been made to be viewed in an IMAX screen or a normal one. It takes a lot of efforts to make a movie, whether or not for Netflix or for Fox Star Studios. It now depends on the studios such as Amazon and Netflix whether they want to release their movies on a wide screen or not. The makers should be given an equal opportunity to showcase their talent and if the work is worth appreciating, it should be appreciated. I feel, there should be a separate award categories which might be win-win situation for both the parties. But the issue in doing that is the Academy’s time constraint and inclusion of one category which will disrupt the Academy in itself.


The decision on whether the movies by streaming giants should be included or not is likely to be taken on March 19th in the Post Award Meeting with other issues on the secondary focus.


ThankYou for reading.

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