Blockchain and Smart Contracts- An introduction

Some technologies do wonders while some technologies are just a fad. In this era of modernization and globalization where people have all the latest developments in terms of technological up-gradation, some technologies are left unanswered or don’t create the value that it should create. Smartphones, when they were launched, first in 1992 by IBM by… Continue reading Blockchain and Smart Contracts- An introduction


Marketing Insight of Netflix

In 1997 a company was formed which focused on making people living in parts of USA such as California, Texas and some other cities available to major DVD titles which they can order sitting at their home. No one had ever thought that “Netflix” will be change the course of the television and movies which… Continue reading Marketing Insight of Netflix

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There are lots of techniques and methodologies which are developed overtime. Most of them often fade. But in those fade there are some techniques and methodology which are studied in a more detailed manner making it very much precise and worth applying for companies in large. Coming from a commerce background and studying MBA in… Continue reading Neuromarketing

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Marketing at its best

A good marketing ensures that your product can communicate to the audience in a right manner. In today’s modernized business world, companies marketing strategy is decided on its design thinking. There are many big multinational companies who have fall flat because of their continuous ineffective marketing strategy and there are small companies or the startups… Continue reading Marketing at its best


Hello Quora….

We are spending a hefty amount of time everyday on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list seems to be endless. We sometimes don’t browse the news and get any sort of informative knowledge out of it. So why don’t we explore the answers that we want it ranges from some… Continue reading Hello Quora….