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Lonely vs. Alone

The best thing about human being is that, what they want today is what they might hate tomorrow when they might have it. In this vicious cycle, there are people who want to stay alone but when they are truly alone, they hate it. There is a difference between staying alone and staying lonely. In… Continue reading Lonely vs. Alone


Relationship- NOT so complicated word

"So what do you think about that?", my friend texted me. "Give time and be with her", I replied. We often hear that being in a relationship brings all the hurdles in life. But just a question to people who think that way, "You won't be again in any relationship? What is the definition of… Continue reading Relationship- NOT so complicated word

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The way we “LEAVE” life

'Life' this word itself seems to be very soulful and melodious. Everyone somewhere down their life would have said, "This was the best day of my life". But there are always many aspects in life which restricts each individual from living the life to the fullest. Let me take a simple example; I am having… Continue reading The way we “LEAVE” life


Congrats for that FAILURE

'Why did you failed?' asked a friend of mine. 'Because success might not have taught what that failure taught me', I replied. "Failure", this word has many definitions and it is seen by people by way of their thinking. Whenever you say to anyone that you have failed, some might take it in a negative… Continue reading Congrats for that FAILURE