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Automation and AI: The paradox (Part 1)

The terms 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Automation' are often used interchangeably. To start from the basic, there are a majority of people who feel that both the terms are one and the same. However, the reality is quite different. The TL;DR explanation goes something like this: Automation is software that follows pre-programmed 'rules'. Artificial intelligence is… Continue reading Automation and AI: The paradox (Part 1)

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There are lots of techniques and methodologies which are developed overtime. Most of them often fade. But in those fade there are some techniques and methodology which are studied in a more detailed manner making it very much precise and worth applying for companies in large. Coming from a commerce background and studying MBA in… Continue reading Neuromarketing

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Digitally Safe

So this era is termed as the era of digitization. From our credit card statements to latest cryptocurrency, everything is available online in some or the other form of data. Every year companies spend millions and billions of dollars in order to safeguard their user’s database and also their own database from hackers. Each passing… Continue reading Digitally Safe